2016 oab not updating

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Then you need to check the application event log for entries of source “MSExchange SA” and category “OAL Generator”, so events like this one In order to have the system log these events it is a best practice to have event logging level increased for this category on a permanent basis, because you might be missing important events otherwise in case OAB creation fails.The flow of events will also show which version of the OAB has been successfully created and which have failed.

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Hence, to hide a recipient from an address list, decide and set the Hidden From Address Lists Enabled parameter on the Set-Public Folder, Set-Mail Contact, Set-Mail User, Set-Dynamic Distribution Group, Set-Mailbox, and Set-Distribution Group cmdlets.

Subsequently, you are permitted to create a new default OAB that doesn’t contain the hidden recipients.

The CAS itself will use the “Microsoft Exchange File Distribution” service to pull the OAB from the mailbox server and will save the OAB in the path mentioned here: If you generate a new OAB for troubleshooting purposes and it has been generated on the mailbox server, but is not available on the CAS, you can use the Command Let “Update-File Distribution Service –Identity –Type OAB”, in order to force re-distribution of the OAB files.

So, in the end, as soon as Autodiscover is able to provide the OAB URL to the client and the OAB file is present to the CAS, the Outlook client should be able to pull the OAB via a HTTP-request and then using its own BITS service to copy it over to the client.

Just enter the server name into explorer and you will see the share with the local files: After entering the Exchange OAB directory, you see the GUIDs of the OABs and creation time stamps: It is important to note that you can double-check this GUID for Outlook 2007 and older clients since they are using the web-based distribution method of the OAB.

When you check the “Test E – Mail Autoconfiguration” in Outlook 2007 / 2010 and check on which URL the Outlook client is looking for the OAB, you will see which CAS server Outlook will query and also which OAB GUID it will be looking for on the CAS file share.

In the case below OABv4 has been created successfully.

So at the end of the OAB generation process there should be a success event like the one above for every OAB version you generated.

Provide enterprise-level sync with Outlook Web App and mobile devices.

Anywhere, anytime access using Instant Message and video calling integration.

One of the most important events will tell you that the generation process has published the OAB to the public store.

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