Acting desperate dating

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Acting desperate dating

People with machetes breaking into shops and apartments taking what they need.

Windows were blown out like they were paper, he said. I have hardly slept and I have run out of words to describe what is happening.'We are trying to survive. But this was the scene after it was ravaged by howling winds as Irma crashed into the island on Wednesday'We were in our apartment and the storms was approaching and it was hours and hours away. Nobody is safe right now.'And they are living in fear of being hit by another hurricane in the next two days.

One woman claimed they attacked US and British tourists who became stranded when say some who have spoken to relatives on the island.

Troops were called in on Friday to offset the problem. 'They are completely isolated and there are CRIMINALS carrying GUNS AND KNIVES SHOOTING and looting all over!!

Martin Lucas lives and works on the paradise isle of St Martin.

But yesterday the piano player described how law and order was breaking down as desperate islanders were trying to survive.

Maarten as Irma did Wednesday and winds will likely be significantly weaker. Martin, an island split between Dutch and French control.

Rutte and Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk say troops are helping stretched local authorities on the autonomous territory to uphold law and order amid looting of stores. A British man has spoken of the 'hell' left in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Dutch soldiers are pictured patrolling the streets on the Dutch side of the island Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned the situation was already 'serious' and made worse by communication problems after 185mph Irma laid waste to infrastructure.

A Dutch soldier keeps watch on the island Witnesses on the Dutch side of the island say people are roaming the streets armed with 'revolvers and machetes' while Rutte said most people are surviving without power and running water.

The Royal House announced the visit Friday, saying the monarch will assess in Curacao 'whether and when it is possible to visit St. Eustatius, which were less severely damaged by Irma's winds.

A headquarters in Curacao is helping coordinate a military operation to deliver supplies to the 40,000-strong population of St. The tiny country, which shares an island with the French territory of St.

A Dutch Royal Navy officer speaks to a driver at a check point on the island Up to 95 per cent of the island was destroyed as the hurricane pummeled its shores on Wednesday.