Am i sexually intimidating

31-Aug-2017 18:26 by 2 Comments

Am i sexually intimidating - online dating opinions

So, right now you might be single because others think you’re too intense.Relax a little, especially on the relationship front.

You might be single because you’re super shy and it’s hard for people to get to know you.

It will be hard, but try to be a little more conscious of the vibes your putting out.

Even the bad day you had at work or the fight you had with your family can show up on your face, making you intimidating. If you’re alone, you are glued to your phone screen.

It’s not your fault you love to make people laugh and entertain your friends, but no girl can imagine themselves in a relationship with someone who might come off as a bit immature.

Don’t change anything about yourself though, one day someone is going to come along who is going to fall in love with your goofy self.

You might not even realize this, but the girls you’re looking to enter into relationships with definitely do.

Thanks to your zodiac sign, you have one or two traits that seem to be making you un-datable.

And when you’re NOT alone, you’re in the center of a massive group of friends.

Put the phone down, go out in a smaller group of friends, and get out of your comfort zone.

Work, social life, and even your love life are all opportunities for you to come in first.

The thing is, this might make a possible girlfriend feel very intimidated.

A lot of girls just don't see the competitive aspect of day to day things.