Amazon tracking not updating

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For most people and small businesses -- except large businesses who mail hundreds/thousands of items a day -- USPS is the best way to mail things because it's much less expensive than the other carriers!The only people who get a deal with these other carriers are large businesses.

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so naturally i go to the site to get tracking information..a lie.For price, the USPS has no competition (anywhere in the world). It's such a great deal that some Canadians come to the US to mail items back to Canada. I had a package crammed in between two doors for two days, three days before USPS told me it was there.In reference to RUTH above- I know the post was awhile ago but if you all think that if you mail a package to Afghanistan on the 22 of the month (december no doubt) that it should have somehow make it there by the 29th.... First of all we are talking 7 days...during the PEAK of Christmas rush..... I wouldn't have even known if it wasn't for some kid trying to sell me candy via my front door. If USPS wants to offer cheaper shipping without tracking that's not a problem. There are plenty of services and products I pay less for which do exactly what they claim to just as well, or reasonably well compared to more expensive alternatives. I get this letter in the mail that says (paraphrased) "We could not locate your package that you tracked so here is a check for .00."What???If all you knuckleheads knew what you were talking about there would be nothing to whine about!Joe Mama: USPS claims Registered Mail can be tracked from location to location: So what would stop a USPS employee from just taking it home? Why is it that the USPS charges extra to be able to say to you 'we gaurantee your addressee will get this item" which is their job right? Also it sure seems coincidental that whenever I ship anything overseas without insurance it NEVER gets there!!! I guess the message is that if you don't pay the extra money you are giving your item away as a gift to some stranger..

You give them a package, you pay and aren't they supposed to get your item to the other end where the person is waiting for it? Remember when you pay insurance the post office puts a stamp indicating there is insurance on the package..

So its official, we have worse than a third world mail service. Why anyone offers this as an option on ebay is beyond me. get this..i order an item on ebay, the guy wen to drop it off, they told him it wasnt properly wrapped..took it home and 7 days later he sends it out, gives me a tracking number and ofcourse it only states that they got it on this day. I purchased the item on the 5th of june and here i am wondering where the *ell my package is. I happenend onto this site by accident while checking for usps updates to my package tracking information in vain for the third day.

I've had not problems with their delivery service, but the tracking sucks all to high heaven.

The last four years, as the previous remarker states, have been sh*t for us as a country. As a buyer on ebay & Amazon, I am going to start insisting on commercial carriers. Considering that USPS doesn't have "Tracking" but instead has "Delivery Confirmation" it actually works quite well.

Hopefully, God willing, the next four will have the changes to make even the Post office reform !!!!!?? When the item gets delivered you get a confirmation.

Dont they realize how fustrating it is for customers to be put through such incompetence.

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