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When visiting De Bijenkorf, do not just expect to fulfill your needs; rather enjoy the store’s selection and its taste.

Some of the most important historic buildings date back to this period, e.g.Many houses were vacant and some even collapsed for lack of maintenance.Fortunately some facades and interiors dating back to the Empire period survive today.The name Amstelledamme occurs for the first time in the toll concession of Floris V, Count of Holland, dated October 27, 1275.During the 14th, but especially the 15th century, Amsterdam underwent a rapid development, which laid the foundation for the Golden Age. Some examples: the Old and New Churches and the Houten Huis (Wooden House) at the Begijnhof.Large poorly built working-class neighbourhoods were built.

The period 1920-1940 was a time of economic recession.

The period 1813-1940 is marked by economic recovery and, from 1870 onwards, by expansion.

The increasing wealth brought about a rapid population growth.

The large number of dwellings built at this time, both simple ones and rich canal houses, reflect the city’s prosperity.

As a result the majority of the houses located in the city centre date back to the 18th rather than the 17th century.

The period 1585-1672, the Golden Age, was the hey-day of Amsterdam's commercial success.

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