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Most of the time, simply wiping its cache fixes the problem. So you might run into this error even if your device indicates a great deal of remaining storage capacity.Most versions of Android use generally the same steps. The easiest way to free up space is to begin uninstalling apps.

Thankfully, users can correct 99% of failures with a few simple tips.Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common problems reported in Make Use Of Answers and how to solve them.If Google Play crashes after launching it, you might have a corrupt cache.If restarting your device doesn’t fix the problem, I suggest wiping the System UI cache. Once installed, go to sdcard/Download and you should see a complete list of downloaded files. There’s no real solution for this issue, other than installing the proprietary video player. After all, most users only install apps through the Play Store, and Google keeps a tight watch over that to make sure malware doesn't squeeze through, right? Out of the three malware scanners we’ve reviewed, my favorite is Lookout.Never install a cracked game The statistics don't lie: Most Android malware comes from outside Google Play. It’s free, lightweight, and catches a large number of malicious applications.We do not suggest using an app killer as this will negatively impact the functionality of some of your apps.

Sometimes the System User Interface (UI) can stop working. Sometimes videos in a proprietary format won’t play.

If you want to get a visual display of where all your memory is going, try using Disk Usage. Here’s an APK Mirror post that includes links to every major version of the Play Store. The Android operating system works best with a minimal number of installed applications.

It will visually display your files’ locations and size. That’s because some apps like to run in the background, even when you don’t actually use the app.

Once inside of the bootloader, you can then choose to factory reset your device. If the battery can’t be removed, hold down the power button for fifteen seconds.

If that fails, plug the device into a power source and hold the power button down for fifteen seconds.

However, if you use music apps, like Spotify, you might not be able to find where the files are being stored. Sometimes the newest version of Google Play won’t work on your device.