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When she lost her father in 2010, Jenny realized time was running out, she could lose her mother soon too. Doubts did rise along the way about whether she was betraying these ladies.But she did not want the legacy to end with her so she would read a recipe from the book to her mother every day, cook a dish, ask her opinion and perfect it.

This is where Straus Events stands out as your best choice for a partner.The book consists of over 500 Anglo-Indian recipes drawn from a recipe book dating back to 1844 that has been passed down through 5 generations of women in her family.The Anglo-Indian cuisine is the cuisine that evolved after the British came to India.These last two decades have been a spectacular time for the events industry.Here at Straus Events, we have been on the front lines to both witness and participate in some of some of the most breathtaking innovations in strategy, production and event design.Readers can look forward to dishes such as Country Captain, Coconut Pepperwater and kulkuls that are unique to Anglo-Indian cuisine, each with an interesting story.

For instance, the Country Captain which is a chicken curry; traces back to the British Raj in the 1800s.

Over 3 years, she researched and perfected more than 500 recipes this way. A former researcher with the BBC she also worked with MNCs such as Vodafone and Glaxo.

Her passion for cooking, coupled with that for India, research and writing has resulted in a memoir, combining the history of her family when they lived in India, with that of her grandmother’s recipes, passed down through five generations.

is a memoir of five generations who lived through the Days of the Raj.

It offers a glimpse into the culture and authentic cuisine of the Anglo-Indian community of India.

We produce events because we want to help you make an impact. Come to think of it, in life – the best things usually are that clear and simple.