Aquarius woman and cancer man dating

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Aquarius woman and cancer man dating - alliancedating links

You understand each other and empathize with each other when feeling lonely or misunderstood.

Aquarius dotes on the Cancer woman, and takes responsibility for her feelings.

His exalted planet, Jupiter, is antagonistic to Saturn, but can be quite lucky for Uranus.

You may find the Cancer Man to be a little hard to follow, or it may be the other way around.

You are soul sisters – and so in sync with each other, it’s scary.

However, you do go through stages of fierce conflict, which can be exhausting.

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They are interested in solid relationships that they can come home to, and would rather not attract undue attention.

They would rather not have their secrets brought out into the open, and value material and emotional security even more than their privacy.

It's likely that you'll be mutually attracted physically, but definitely won't like his tendency to become bossy, or his nostalgia about the past.

You know that Aquarians aren't as scatterbrained as some astrology book try to picture them.

Resentments are created when creativity is sacrificed for status.

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