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Along the way Percy and Carl form a stronger bond as father and son, Carl is able to pass down his secrets in the kitchen to his son, and Percy helps Carl and Martin build a following for their food truck business. Do you remember that scene in Spanglish where Adam Sandler makes that ridiculously delicious looking sandwich?Things are turning around, and Carl is doing what he loves most. Where he slices through the center and we hear the rich crunch of the toasted bread, and watch as the runny yolk of the egg oozes and spills out over the plate?

And then Carl recieves the biggest surprise of all - his best friend and sous chef Martin (John Leguizamo) quit his job at Gaulouise to come help out Carl on his food truck! i Mill Hi Mm 1974REVEILLE Mississippi State University Mississippi State, Mississippi Volume 69 Martha Armstrong Editor Susan Brown Business Manager This town is as broken ; ."'; •- ■■■■'y-\ : j ; : ; As the glass in its buildings As fcroken as the people who lived here But liedead in the ground today . "Why there's the Boll Weevil Research Lab where they're sterilizing those bugs, and oh, what is THAT? i : r .1 (ft a* m4m »«' I tat : - : Walking around on a feeling of euphoria because of that "special person" you've met Getting your nose blistered at a hot, Satur- day afternoon football game . This town is as lonely I As the winds that blow through these ;. Boy, the recruiting material sure didn't show all those old buildings . That scene always gets my mouth-watering, but the movie is Chef is like a continiuous loop of that single Spanglish scene!We are treated to scenes of immaculate food preparation ending in delicious looking meals - which has a cool story in its own behind ■■■..■■ As lopely as these tracks that lead nowhere And belong to a train ; That doesn't stop here Anymore k 'r \ y '! Long ago it must be , I have a photograph ■ :'■• - ; Reserve; yourmemories They're all that's left you Paul Simon Time :it was ...j'.

-' ■■• '■■ : ■ ■ t ■ ■■'■■ • ■ ■ '-'■ ' --' i ■■■■■'"' ■ .- ; id Mmm ill III V Ml ^^^^H ' *4r * • ■* * . V'^r.-;' And what a time it was It was ^:m;.' ■•■::•; ■•■^.::' : ::-;;t:' A time of innocence ; A time of confidences E Paul Simon ■ - W w Wia * : ; * - * .

This movie is sheer perfection and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

If this movie was edible, I would tell everyone about it and Instagram pictures of it but I wouldn't want to share a single bite because it is oh so delicious.

Just look at my Pinterest account - nothing but recipes and pictures of bistros in France!

I didn't anticipate liking the movie Chef at first, to be honest.

His talents carried him into a cushy job as the head chef the popular restaurant Gaulouise in California, but over the years the creative freedom he was promised has dissipated.

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