Are phreak and nikasaur dating

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Are phreak and nikasaur dating

Dude buys Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force and Q’s you to death. We kept Mystic Shot where it was, nerfed the AS slow on W (because he’s not a sit-there-and-autoattack-trade-you type guy) and accentuated what he’s about. Whether that’s elusiveness (Fizz, Kassadin, Zed) or durability (Renekton), or simply out-ranging (Marksmen, mages), surviving is kinda important. :Â Yes, fighting the enemy team requires some way to survive it.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I really wish I could find the dude who did the single ladies dance.Not certain what his timeline’s like for visual improvements, at a guess the answer’s probably pretty similar in that he’s not in a Sivir or Yi like state, so would be nice to do some work on but not a contender for a major upgrade in the short/medium term.  : At the moment we’re really focused on Season 4 related work, so major reworks are on hold, unless they’re already pretty far along (like Xerath for example).And no not that fat guy that was obviously trying to get laughs.It was a gay dude in his apartment and he ****ing rocked it.obama? Except for Caitlyn, Tristana, and Ezreal, no one actually gets to sit there hitting a turret against a team of 5, unless the other team screwed up an didn’t bring real engagement tools. : I feel like her ability to roam really quickly and have a buttload of GUARANTEED burst is really, really powerful.

Teams win games by split pushing and spreading teams apart. Have to get past her low wave-clear for mid-lane, but I can see her totally dunking in a way sort of like TF.

The reputation of "Community [department] is a lackey for marketing" can be true in other places. We're well-respected and while we do work with marketing, we make most of our own calls and do a lot of what we feel is best. I shoutcast tournaments, I make videos about patch notes and new champions, I answer gameplay questions on the forums. I seriously just explained this an hour ago and he typed exactly what I said. In general, our Community department is based around projects, not just "everyone pick from a pool of weekly content." We all have our specialties and passions.

Similarly, we also have some oversight into marketing as well (i.e. Nikasaur, by contrast, is much more involved with the actual community surrounding the game. It's about discovering your own and what works for Riot.

We wanted to help better shape Xerath to fit the modern League of Legends environment, improve the character’s feel and sell his fantasy as a mage commanding unleashed power. Cooldown on E, refund mechanic on E no longer triggers on minions. There’s really no point to bringing one if your team isn’t prepared to play around one. Pretty much every other assassin oneshots pretty much every other ADC.

After listening to your feedback, we’ve made the following major changes: Our intent is to ensure that Xerath’s core pattern is fun and engaging, but his ultimate use is a rare, powerful long-ranged attack. But the thing is, that only relates to team fights. You can’t cherry-pick a specific matchup and say, “Nope! ” If assassins were so bad, why were they 4/6 bans out of like every game in the World Championship?

Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages, and we've kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over.

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