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But John Pascoe Fawkner, by now a businessman in Launceston, had the same idea.Fawkner bought a ship, the schooner Enterprize, which sailed on 4 August, with a party of intending settlers.

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In 1797 George Bass, in an open whaleboat with a crew of six, was the first European to enter what came to be called Bass Strait, the passage between the Australian mainland and Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania).Over the next week, he explored the area around the Bay, first at Corio Bay, near the present site of Geelong, and later moving up the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers at the north of the Bay.He explored a large area in what is now the northern suburbs of Melbourne. On 8 June he wrote in his journal: "So the boat went up the large river... I am glad to state about six miles up found the River all good water and very deep.In 1824 Hamilton Hume and William Hovell came overland from New South Wales, failing to find Western Port, their destination, but instead reaching Corio Bay, where they found good grazing land.But it was another ten years before Edward Henty, a Tasmanian grazier, established an illegal sheep-run on crown land at Portland, in what is now western Victoria, in 1834.Although this meant the settlers were now trespassing on Crown land, the government reluctantly accepted the settlers' fait accompli and allowed the town to remain.

In September 1836, Governor Bourke established the Port Phillip District of New South Wales, though the borders had still not been determined, with the settlement as its administrative centre.We are the athletes` brand, constantly looking for new ways to play, new demands, and new needs. But sometimes it is up to the equipment, and that are the occasions we aim at when we develop our gear. You have an eye for the game; we have an eye for details.Old truths often need to be reconsidered, and we are not afraid to break a rule or two if necessary. A winning combination that has proved successful over and over again since we first entered the game with great visions 10 years ago.He sailed westwards along what is now the coast of the Gippsland region of Victoria, as far west as Western Port.In 1802, John Murray in the Lady Nelson entered Port Phillip, and he was followed shortly after by Matthew Flinders.When Batman's party reached the Yarra on 2 September, they were dismayed and angry to find Fawkner's people already in possession.

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    It’s become harder for Russian-speaking Jews from the former Soviet Union to meet due to immigration and assimilation, Epstein explained.

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    The Poor Law Commissioners authorized an expenditure of £400 for adapting the buildings for use as a workhouse. In 1930, the workhouse was taken over by Berkshire County Council and became a Public Assistance Institution.

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