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If you think about it, for the past – however many months – your spouse has only been surrounded by other service members and only been communicating in a military way. They haven’t had to talk about their feelings or anything like that in months. From the simplest things like going on dates again to driving a car it’s just going to take time. It’s a significant amount of time, and it’ll take consistent communication and effort to remain connected.

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I wanted his home to not only be as similar to how it was when he left, but also better!” – Belle“When my husband returns home from deployment, it’s like you’re starting all over getting to know who they are.Adjusting is the hard part, especially when you have a new little one he’s never met.With all of this advice, you should be able to survive your deployment with your sweetie.Just remember to take it day by day, make time for you , and before you know it, you will be back in the arms of the one who carried your heart across the world! Including: a long distance relationship care package, long distance date in a box, a countdown tracker, long distance prescription gift, AND some long distance romance tips! Involve them in the plans to celebrate when they come home and ask them what THEY want to do to celebrate. There is NO way for me to express the sense of relief and happiness I feel when I finally get to hug my husband for the first time in months.

Make sure your child hears you praising their parent for their sacrifice while they are gone so the children understand WHY they left.” – Rebecca Homecoming is literally the BEST part of deployment. It’s such an anticipated event that your emotions may be an all-over roller coaster once again.You are settling in that this is your life for the next few months.This time is a critical time for you as an individual and for your marriage. Don’t share too many “problems” that the deployed member has no control over.AND, I also recruited the help of over 50 military spouses and military members to give me their BEST advice as well.Preparing for a deployment definitely has it’s ups and downs.That was the main thing that got me through it – talking to other women that knew exactly what I was feeling and how HARD it was!!