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The Olmecs destroyed the surviving giants, founded Cholula, and migrated as far as Tabasco.A spectacular individual, called Quetzalcoatl by some, Huemac by others, appeared in this era, bringing ethics and civilization.

Such is the story of the Toltecs as set forth by Ixtlilxochitl.This mammoth construction entailed filling in every building and courtyard with adobe bricks.On the top they erected altars and quarters for the ceremonial clergy.The Toltec culture was highly cosmopolitan and although short-lived, established the structure of the tribute empire which the Aztecs later adopted.Its 'influence spread from one end of Meso-America to the other and is still particularly strong in Yucatan.Tonatiuh, flanked by four ornamental frames listing the four previous ages of the world.

Summed, these represent the date of our present era.

The Great Calendar Stone weighs over 20 tons, is 13 feet in diameter and was hewn from one monolithic block of stone.

In the center of the face of the Stone is the Sun God.

The central element is encircled by the names of the twenty days of the Aztec month.

These in turn are ringed with a band of glyphs denoting jade or turquoise, symbolizing the heavens.

Because the Toltecs, like the peoples of other civilizations, built upon structures and, in turn, had their own structures built over by successive cultures, it is difficult to ascertain which pyramids and other edifices belong to which period.