Bitdefender still says expired after updating

10-Jul-2017 00:12 by 8 Comments

Bitdefender still says expired after updating - Teen cybersex chat rooms

As soon as I installed I noticed the time it took my browser(s) to load a webpage (tested sites several and used as a reference) went from immediate to taking between 10-15 seconds.I check forums and the Bitdefender site and applied some changes to the firewall (setting to "stealth" mode and un-checking port blocking).

A couple days later when the problem seemed to return (slow internet and connection to site speeds) I needed to re-download a game from Steam.

After re-installing Windows and activating the Windows Firewall and installing MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) I have zero issues with startup time or connection speed, which leads me to believe the problems all originated with the Bitdefender program.

I am reluctant to try re-installing the program again unless anyone else has some insight or steps to try and configure the program for proper function of features and speed of operation, so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I contacted Bitdefender support by phone and they listened patiently as I explained the problems and the steps I had already taken.

Unfortunately the support person could only offer to have a tech remote connect to my PC (for an additional fee) to see if they could resolve the problem.

I'm far too paranoid to allow that and asked if their tech could talk my through what they would like to check and do over the phone as I'm not exactly computer illiterate.

They said they were not able to do that and they were sorry but they had no other solutions to offer me.I use an Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz processor, and this shouldn’t happen.The main problem of Bit Defender 2010 or any edition is that it uses too many resources for nothing.After following the instructions and restarting my computer to complete the repair the Bitdefender Firewall was not able to activate.After some more consulting with Bitdefender support, it was determined that I should download the removal tool and re-install Bitdefender.I then tried to load a restore point but was met with the "System Restore did not complete successfully" message.

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