Books on dating someone with bipolar disorder

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Books on dating someone with bipolar disorder - ranbir dating 2016

For help understanding: PTSDHerman’s extensively researched book offers a history of the psychological effects of trauma (in domestic violence, combat, and political terror) and the presentation of PTSD.

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For help understanding: OCDColas’s memoir is an unsparing account of OCD — honest, but not so heavy that Colas is unable to poke fun at herself — and it somehow manages to be both specific enough to speak to those who also live with OCD and accessible enough that those who don’t can read it for a clearer understanding.

He explains what it's like to be plagued by intrusive and obsessive thoughts, illuminates the compulsions — hoarding and home rituals, for a few — that come from them, and researches the history of OCD's treatment.

For help understanding: Depression Danquah’s memoir illuminates a story that often goes untold — that of a black woman struggling with depression.

His is a moving and extensive meditation on the illness, vacillating between the deeply personal and the global, historical understanding of it.

For help understanding: Borderline personality disorder, PTSD, addiction, depression, suicide Kiera Van Gelder attempted suicide for the first time when she was 12 years old, and it marked the beginning of a long struggle with drug addiction, depression, self-harm, and unhealthy relationships, until, 20 years later, a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

For help understanding: Bipolar disorder Hornbacher's second memoir talks about life after being diagnosed Type I rapid-cycle bipolar — how this bit of information helped her make sense of her lifelong struggle with mood swings, anorexia, substance abuse, and self-harm, and how it affects but doesn't destroy her career, marriage, and life.

For help understanding: Depression Gayathri Ramprasad grew up in Bangalore, in a family steeped in Hinduism and Indian culture, but she found herself battling severe sadness and darkness as she got older.

She explains how and why self-harm happens, what it accomplishes for those who do it, and how they can recover. Maté looks at addiction as a physician with decades of experience in treating it — investigating its causes, humanizing the people who struggle with it, and revealing the ineffectiveness of the "war on drugs." For help understanding: ADHDFAST MINDS — which stands for ADHD symptoms: Forgetful, Achieving below potential, Stuck in a rut, Time challenged, Motivationally challenged, Impulsive, Novelty seeking, Distractible, and Scattered — is a book that aims to educate and empower anyone who lives with those symptoms.

The book offers insight into how these symptoms affect the daily lives of those with ADHD, and what they can do to manage them.

The Quiet Room chronicles her struggle — years of hospitalizations, halfway houses, suicide attempts, an ongoing sense of hopelessness — and, ultimately, her survival.

For help understanding: Bipolar disorder, disordered eating, suicidal ideation Elissa Washuta left college incredibly overwhelmed — taking the wrong mood stabilizers that weren't working, recovering from sexual trauma, struggling with her identity as a Native American woman who also went to Catholic school, and trying to claim her independence as an adult in the world.

For help understanding: Depression, bulimia, OCD, addiction, suicide Journalist Tom Davis walks the reader through four generations of mental illness in his family, from the suicides of his great-great-grandparents, to the psychiatric background of his grandfather, to his mother's decades-long struggle with OCD and anxiety.

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