Boss and employee dating

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I won’t go into detail and give away what we do, but suffice it to say that our work is easily quantifiable and I generate a report and graphs for a weekly director’s meeting that my boss attends.I’m considering making a formal complaint to my director that I feel like he’s only keeping track of our side while letting the smaller department do whatever.

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We’ve told him this is a bad idea, but he’s unwilling to see that it could be a problem… The team interviewed a tremendously talented young writer and we all pushed the CMO to make an offer ASAP.

I realize that the dress code didn’t spell this out so it’s not your fault for not knowing it, but I do need you to revert back to a more natural color.”A number of recent interviewees for various positions in our marketing team have turned down their offers.

Our chief marketing officer (CMO), who can be a micromanager in the extreme, has taken this as an indication that HR is somehow screwing up the hiring process.

I’m going to take your word for it that your stance is necessary for your particular business rather than debating that here — but I’d also encourage you to think through that question first, because the world is changing in this regard and this is now okay in many places that it didn’t used to be.

But if it is indeed a business necessity for you, just be straightforward: “Jane, your new hair color looks great on you, but unfortunately we need you to have a more conservative appearance while you’re working here.

As a mid-career professional, this would have set off a number of alarms and I wouldn’t have accepted the position.

As a recent graduate, the candidate didn’t seem to connect the dots/be concerned that the CMO of a large company called her on a weekend to extend an unofficial employment offer. How do you approach senior management who is openly distrustful of HR’s ability to onboard new candidates about his behavior with new recruits?So I don’t think it should set off any alarm bells for the candidate — maybe the weekend call, but not the rest of it.Your CMO may have other issues, but this doesn’t sound like one of them. My director requires more reporting from my department than from another I work in a department of seven people that is overseen by a managing director who is also over another department of four people.I wanted to ask how I tell a sweet younger employee, who dyed her hair from a rather unassuming brown to black with blue/purple/green highlights over the weekend, that it is unprofessional for the workplace.It is jet black with highlights that change with how the light hits it — think peacock feathers.All of the mid-level managers are taken aback by his actions. do this stuff themselves, and if your company has been leaving it to HR, that’s actually not a great thing.

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