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Clients also appreciate the fact their custom jewelry or repairs never leave the premises. ADVERTISING VEHICLE They bought a 1952 GMC pickup that has the store’s logo on it and use it to attract attention. “We keep a stack of business cards in it, and pass them out like candy,” Wolf says. Bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys Best vacation ever?

Later, he worked in his own studio as a bench jeweler. “I got out of my studio to open my store so I could work with other people’s designs and make jewelry into art, rather than just having my own vision.” So in 2013, he and Michelle opened the retail store.

time goes by so much faster when you’re older ..., life would have been a whole lot easier.

Bring back to the winery by Sunday, October 22, painted in a halloween design of your choice.

The floor creates an interesting blue glow to the interior.

Website has beautiful images and the custom section is particularly strong. The chalkboard with quotes is such a cute way to engage passersby. SPEEDY CUSTOM BVW has two CAD programs for custom design and a 3-D printer, so everything is done in the store by Wolf, speeding up the process and allowing clients to see exactly what they are getting. American modernism Thing I worry about that I know I shouldn’t?

1015444_794436700573152_249829464_o-10660BVW_3-10661BVW_39-10662BVW_49_2-10663bvw4-10664e2ea3488f6174dba9039f375b10130d7-10665IMG_0957-10666IMG_1671-10667IMG_1985-10668IMG_3076-10669IMG_3088-10670artown-10671BVW_2-10672Jesse Balaity: BVW has a down-to-earth feel, with an edgy vibe conveyed in certain interior finishes and artwork.

The store design parallels some of the trends we see in fast casual dining, strategically using inexpensive materials coupled with bold graphics to create a comprehensive lifestyle environment.“But if I want to wear flip-flops and listen to The Offspring and serve alcohol, I’m going to, if I’m here working long hours, six days a week! “I wasn’t going to have brown wood with brown carpet. But we had to have an architect, and architects can be adamant about what they want to see. Through the glass cases, the deep aqua stained concrete floors below give the impression both case and customer are floating on water.” He also wanted the design of the store to express a non-traditional vibe. “Nine out of 10 customers who come in are blown away,” Wolf says, by the distinctive look.The artful traffic pattern makes the space feel expansive.“I’m amazed how big it seems for 1,800 square feet,” Wolf says.The setting is beautiful in itself, with mountain landscapes, vivid sunsets and a pasture of cows across the street.

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