Camlord sex cam

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Camlord sex cam

I will teach you how to create a brand, exploit that brand to the maximum extent possible, and how to monetize every devoted follower until his wallet is as dry as sandpaper (don’t worry…these guys will HAPPILY spend loads of money on you, if you do this right! The most successful webcam models out there are all running businesses, whether they know it or not.

This is entirely to be expected and should not be interpreted as anything other than what it is.

Most people are floored when they learn how much cam girls make when they know what they’re doing.

That brings me to a very important point I need to make…I don’t wish to simply teach you how to smile the right way, or how to shake your booty with just the right amount of jiggle in order to make a few extra bucks on cam…I want to show you how to build and run a full-blown cam business.

Most have multiple revenue streams (cam shows, videos, panties, wishlists, site memberships, etc.).

They all have strategies to acquire more traffic and increase their audience size (blogs, co-operating with other models, social media activity, etc). You don’t need an MBA, though, to know how to work these strategies effectively and become a camgirl who makes bank, you just need the right training. When you get your hands on my Uber Cam Star course, you’ll learn how to create a full-blown camming enterprise that will pull in serious money for you and facilitate the kind of lifestyle that would make Kim-K soil herself (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration).

Okay, this tutorial/FAQ is going to assume you’re a female, so if you’re not, it might get a little awkward…I profusely apologize (but no worries, nearly all of this info goes for men, as well).

My name is Buttler (yeah, my parents were pretty much unbelievable assholes) and let me tell you, I’ve spent a huge amount of time working with various different webcam models, over the years, showing them how to become a cam girl that kicks azz all over the freaking place.

I’m going to cover the basics in this FAQ style tutorial, but I also offer far more advanced training on how to be a cam girl via my “Uber Cam Star” webcam modeling course.

This course can give you the edge you’ll need to reach the top levels of webcam model performance.

Some cam girls develop these skills on their own, but only after lots and lots of trial and error over time.

Luckily, you don’t need to go through that obnoxiously tedious process, because I can teach you just about everything you need to know.

The cam site then pays the webcam model a percentage of the revenue she’s produced at the end of the pay period (a pay period is usually two weeks).

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