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He actually got to direct her on this episode, joking on KTLA that "it's an experience [he] will never have again." For London's cameo, she asked the hotel clerk for an extra key to Gary Wolf's room.

It was kind of uncomfortable to branch out into that territory when we weren’t there AT ALL in real life.There was the one episode with Carly and Freddie where Freddie saved her life and that was their main thing.Then Sam and Freddie had this arc of three or four episodes.That's the only way that people would say the reunion was worth it. As much as people say they would want it to happen, I don't know if that's necessarily true just because it would be so sad for our last thing to disappoint people."I definitely would never say that I would never do it, though.Because honestly, as tempting as it is to get the band back together and do all that stuff, I think all of us would probably be just a little bit worried that the expectation would be so impossibly high that we would never be able to satisfy everyone.

Because it wouldn't just be bringing episode that was ever made.It would really come down to an outrageously good script.And not only one that I thought was really good, but one that every single person in the cast could get behind. But they just laughed and I'm sure it probably made them uncomfortable to bring up the whole topic again so we didn't pay that much attention to it.Because when it came down to it, it was about the friendship." Nathan: "I guess it was kind of trippy thinking about how the universe had expanded to something else and we were being talked about in the context of another cast.It was nice because it kind of took the pressure off. "Nathan: "It's weird, I was thinking about it this morning, what it would be like for us to do a reunion episode?But besides that, we didn't want to laser in on that being the point of the show.

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