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So, forget ping-pong tables: why not take this new proposal to your boss instead? I pray I don't look as suspicious as I definitely do.

We chat aimlessly about anything but sex until half an hour later, when his boyfriend emerges from the back, not in a gimp suit or holding a massive dildo, but in an unassuming t-shirt and jeans.This is not exceptionally different from the way this sort of thing plays out at home, but apps are a weird way of mitigating distance, one that can intensify longings and, worse, make you feel perpetually unfulfilled. Of course, sex factored into my travel plans prior to the onset of app culture, but each encounter is now tinged with a particularly desperate strain of insatiability.Before Grindr, I was just as likely to want to fuck random people, and bars could be a great facilitator of that. Really, so could anything through which a determined millennial might express his frustrated sexual self.After we sleep together, he asks me how he should arrange the furniture in his apartment, and I consider the question in earnest, half-clothed, trying to imagine the best position for a new sofa.It looks and sounds like intimacy, a conversation I could have with someone I've known for more than half an hour. I feel like I've bitten into something slightly sweeter than expected. I walk into the couple's messy living room to find porn playing on the TV.The town’s dwindling population is the main reason for the proposal, but improved employee morale, as well as an improvement to marriage health, has also been cited by Per-Erik as happy side effects. Everyday life is stressful and the children are at home,” Per-Erik explained.

The town is currently 4,500 people strong, with 550 municipal employees set to benefit from the motion if it passes. “This could be an opportunity for couples to have their own time, only for each other.” Sweden was also a front-running nation to begin introducing shorter work days, which are proven to boost productivity and workplace wellbeing.I am pleased to find that it is brightly lit and on a busy enough street.He arrives on a bike and my fears dial back; we chat amicably, finding things in common, even a few tangled threads of people and places with which we're both familiar.While there are many diverse leave entitlements slowly being introduced to modern workplaces, this is one work perk we can definitely, erm, get behind.Per-Erik Muskos, a local official from the small Swedish town of Overtornea, has proposed the introduction of subsidised breaks for staff, giving them the chance to head home and do the dirty, suggesting that the time already allotted to fitness activities would be better spent with your spouse.The establishment prided itself on being “classy” by offering what they described as a “luxury” sex experience which would routinely feature female stars from Stockholm and other locations around the world, and even some sort of sexy “wizard” which according to folklore about Chat Noir was especially popular with Japanese businessmen.

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