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Their journey west became known as the "Trail of Tears" for their exile and fatalities along the way.The US Army used Ross's Landing as the site of one of three large internment camps, or "emigration depots", where Native Americans were held prior to the journey on the Trail of Tears.

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With the arrival of the railroad in 1850, Chattanooga became a boom town.On November 23, 1863, the Battles for Chattanooga began when Union forces led by future United States President and Maj. The next day, the Battle of Lookout Mountain was fought, driving the Confederates off the mountain.On November 25, Grant's army routed the Confederates in the Battle of Missionary Ridge.Since the completion of the reservoir system, the highest Chattanooga flood stage has been nearly 37 feet (11 m), which occurred in 1973.Without regulation, the flood would have crested at 52.4 feet (16.0 m).Chattanooga lies 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, 120 miles (190 km) southwest of Knoxville, Tennessee, 135 miles (217 km) southeast of Nashville, Tennessee, 120 miles (190 km) northeast of Huntsville, Alabama, and 148 miles (238 km) northeast of Birmingham, Alabama.

The city, with downtown elevation of approximately 680 feet (210 m), lies at the transition between the ridge-and-valley portion of the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau.During the Chickamauga Campaign, Union artillery bombarded Chattanooga as a diversion and occupied it on September 9, 1863.Following the Battle of Chickamauga, the defeated Union Army retreated to safety in Chattanooga. Grant reinforced troops at Chattanooga and advanced to Orchard Knob against Confederate troops besieging the city.The Chickamauga Mound near the mouth of the Chickamauga Creek is the oldest remaining visible art in Chattanooga.The Citico town and mound site was the most significant Mississippian/Muscogee landmark in Chattanooga up to 1915.The earliest Cherokee occupation dates from Dragging Canoe, who in 1776 separated himself and moved downriver from the main tribe to establish Native American resistance during the Cherokee–American wars) to European settlement in the southeastern United States.