College freshman dating college sophomore

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Here is that post: I don’t know how much Dan makes, but he believes his kids — he’s got seven!! I expect my children to pay for their own college just like I did.

If the child isn’t 24, married or a military veteran, the chances of being an independent student is just about nil.

As Peyton’s career has taken off, so have the Mannings’ charitable endeavors.

The couple’s giving is highlighted by the fundraising they’ve done for the children’s hospital at St.

I bet Phi Kappa Phi members don’t have to Google what biennium means.

Can you guess what the Greek acronym Gamma Beta Phi means?

Here is what Dan wrote about his strategy: It’s not difficult or impossible for an 18 year old to be declared an independent as Lynn O’Shaughnessy, the author of that ridiculous article, has indicated.

If you are out of high school, all you have to do is “work” for minimum wage for one year and have a physical address in your name for that year and your parents can’t have claimed you on their taxes.Moving out of the house and living independently, as Dan’s children are doing, is irrelevant.It also doesn’t matter if the parents stopped claiming the students on their income tax form. It is a federal crime, by the way, to lie on the FAFSA.“Work”, what a concept, you don’t know what it means yet, but you will.And if you are paying for the books and the tuition maybe you will realize that spending hard earned money on beer parties isn’t smart, LOL.Dan was reacting to a post on my college blog that discussed the plight of students whose parents refuse to pay for college even if they can afford to help.