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That may be pitiful commentary, but we’re also looking for compatibility in the non-materialistic: political viewpoints, religious convictions, and fundamental ethical values.” One explanation for the i Phone users snooty approach to dating: i Phone users earn higher incomes than Android users, according to research group Com Score.

“I have a suspicion that this not the case for many people,” says Timothy Elliott, a New York-based actor.

There’s a huge population of young, attractive, single people, and because we choose to live in a city where your average studio apartment is smaller than a suburban coat closet, New Yorkers spend an inordinate amount of time out of our homes.

Unless you’re a shut in (or live in Staten Island), it’s almost impossible to walk outside for more than a few minutes without running into people — many of whom are young, attractive, and single. Those unwilling to simply leave things up to chance can avail themselves of a multitude of online dating apps, providing an endless pool of would-be suitors. First, there are the basic challenges of living in a place like New York.

Bad grammar is looked upon unfavorably by 39% of singletons, followed by crooked or discolored teeth (37%) and unfashionable (or just plain bad) clothing (35%), the survey found.

Nearly 15% of adults who are currently dating would think twice about dating someone with a cracked smartphone screen, it added.

Some control is essential to prevent criminals, racketeers and sex deviates from this profitable field." Today, is the largest dating site in the world, with an estimated 20 million members.

Dating in New York, when you think about it, should be remarkably easy.

Complaining in cyberspace may be perceived as childish.

You’re not really doing anything except spouting to no one in particular about your crappy boss or bad hair day.” Mike Neill, a New York-based writer, says this i Phone-centric daters are missing the point.

If dating is simply a numbers game — as I’ve been told on many occasions — the numbers should be in our favor. Busy professionals in their thirties usually date other busy professionals in their thirties who, as it turns out, are extremely busy.

And yet just about everyone I know in New York who is single in their thirties finds dating here to be a miserable, frustrating, and dehumanizing chore. Set aside compatibility and chemistry — simply occupying the same place at the same time can be an insurmountable challenge.

Actually, I’m not sure people even wear ties on dates anymore.” And there are some practical drawbacks for couples with mixed technology: They can’t tell when they’re texts are delivered.

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