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The Dumbarton Oaks Project Grant enabled the complete recording of the El Gavilán archaeological site by applying non-destructive techniques.

The corpus known today consists solely of statues in public and private museums collections in Nicaragua, a few in the U. Apart from museum archival references roughly indicating region of provenience for some of these objects, the majority lack any form of information related to their archaeological site of origin.

Eduviges The scientific interest in stone sculpture has been present in the archaeological investigation of Nicaragua from the mid 19th century onward starting with the central Nicaraguan travels of the Austrian Knight Emmanuel von Friedrichsthal, to be followed by for example the well-known US diplomat and archaeologist Ephraim Squier.

The enduring character of stone sculpture and its evocative associations to questions of monumentality and memory provided for this steady stream of attention, particularly in neighboring Mesoamerican hot-beds of monumental sculpture such as the Preclassic period, the Classic Lowland Maya or among the Late Postclassic Mexica.

All monoliths displayed severe weathering in the form of discoloration, leaching, and animal induced damages.

Roughly two-thirds of the entire corpus display modified exterior surfaces in the form of low relief and incision carving.

These monumental sculptures are recognized to exist in Nicaragua as a small number of distinct style groups.

One of these styles, the Chontales Style, consists of sculptures distinguished by their remarkable height combined by a restricted circumference.The GPS System was used to gather X, Y and Z positions to tie in the survey to the world coordinates.This DEM now provides the baseline for future archaeological and heritage related activities at the site and will enable the monitoring of sculpture degradation caused by environmental factors, mainly meteorological conditions and anthropogenic activities.Some exceed five meters in length and usually but most are typically no wider than 50 centimeters in diameter.Sculptures are typically carved in low relief depicting singular anthropomorphs.In order to begin to address whether the archaeological site was an area of continuous human habitation or one of peripheral activity with periods of abandonment, a total of 26 shovel tests (50 x 50 cm or 1 x 1 m) were dug in the southeast and northeast periphery of the site (Figure 6).

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