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Wars require money and willing young men, and the US Civil War was no exception.

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Christopher was there at the beginning of my single days — living with Simone and me in the big blue house, his friendly Bernese Mountain Dog a constant cuddly presence in our lives.This design was unusual as it was used for three decades (until 1910).After 1878 no portrait except Henry Clay appears on a cigar stamp.The sky had cleared to pure blue, and the snow had melted off the golden leaves outside the picture windows.We had a Pandora station playing Coltrane, and were drinking our first or second rounds of Manhattans when “Take Five” by Brubeck started playing — my dad’s favorite song. I joke that it’s better than the alternative, and that’s true.Near-whiteout conditions gave way to soap-flake flurries as we ambled up the long driveway to the massive brick and wood home.

One of the more magical moments happened as evening approached.

As with all previous issues, stamps for boxes of 250 and 500 are almost never seen loose or on boxes.

The 50 is found with two different portraits, that of Fessenden for the first two years, Waite during the last.

Unlike manufacturers of most products, the nation’s 1,000 cigar factories were more often than not very small, no more than three workers, with a relatively small output, located in small towns and rural areas hard to find or reach by tax officials.

As a result evasion of the 1862 law was widespread and an ongoing battle between cigar makers and tax officials began.

The more expensive the retail price of the cigar, the higher the tax.