Dating black girls advice

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Dating black girls advice - mike wolfe dating danielle american pickers

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But how many people in South Africa, and elsewhere no doubt, are dramatically reducing the pool from which they might be able to draw someone really love, just by their inability to consider being with someone who happens to have a different skin colour?This is certainly not something that has ever happened when I’ve moved from one white girlfriend to another. Which of course is great for them, because they tell me that “white guys treat women better”.But suddenly, it seemed my partner was just “some other black girl” that I’d got with because . In one fell swoop, they reduce me to just “some white guy” with a thing for black girls, while both they and my partner become just “black girls” ready to play along with my fetish.When I took my partner to England for the first time last year, an uncle reproached me for not “warning” him that she was black. Again, they don’t seem to stop to think that maybe I love my girlfriend for who she is, not for her colour.Even more strange, my friends kept mistakenly calling my partner by my black ex-girlfriend’s name. They just think I have a thing for “black girls” so therefore they also have a chance to be with me.None of this is helped by the amount of people who seem so happy to flawlessly play out the stereotypes.

Anyone who’s ever been to Jo’Burg on Long Street will have seen various German men dotted around the fringes (why is it always the Germans?Secondly, there are a hell of a lot of South Africans – old and young, male and female, black and white and everything in-between – who also continue to be unable to consider dating anyone who isn’t more or less the same colour as they are. The blatant staring and incredulity can be boring enough to have to deal with day in, day out.Over the past 3 years, I’ve seen this fact made manifest countless times. People literally stop in their tracks, their jaw falls open and their brain suddenly seems to malfunction. Some days I can make myself ignore it, but sometimes I’m tired, and I just want to be able to hold hands with my lover without feeling people’s eyes on us from all sides. Other times I think about telling people that if they’re so damn interested by us, We’ll let them take a picture for R20.Having said that, this doesn’t mean that our differences define our relationship, for we are also so very similar in so many ways.The sooner that more people come to realize this the better – not only for us, but also for them.Sometimes, people still just appear to feel that whatever our relationship is about it is just they think it’s wrong. Though the intentions are undoubtedly in the right place in such instances, the inference is in some way the same: that because of our colour difference, our relationship must be about something other than just two people who love each other.

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