Dating chinese export porcelain

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Initially markets were sent what the Chinese market, or older exports markets, liked.

Wares included garnitures of vases, dishes, teawares, ewers, and other useful wares along with figurines, animals and birds.Blanc de Chine porcelains and Yixing stonewares arriving in Europe and gave inspiration to many European potters.For the potters of Jingdezhen the manufacture of porcelain wares for the European export market presented new difficulties.By the end of the century, blue and white wares in the Kangxi style were produced in large quantities and almost every earlier style and type was copied into the 20th century.In modern times, Chinese porcelain auctions are popular within the international fine arts market.The trade continued until the mid-17th century when the Ming dynasty fell in 1644, and civil war disrupted porcelain production.

European traders then turned to Japanese porcelain instead.

The bulk export wares of the 18th century were typically teawares and dinner services, often blue and white decorated with flowers, pine, prunus, bamboo or with pagoda landscapes, a style that inspired the willow pattern.

Highly decorative Canton porcelain was produced throughout the 19th century, but the quality of wares waned.

Many other types of decoration such as encre de chine or Jesuit wares, made for Christian missionaries, pieces with European subjects like the Judgement of Paris, or Adam and Eve, were made for the European market.

As trade with China developed, finer quality wares were shipped by private traders who rented space on the ships of the companies trading with the country.

In 2016, collections were auctioned for tens of millions USD, through companies such as Sotheby's and Christie's.

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