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Some found the whole idea of government involvement in romantic affairs intrusive and smacking of Big Brother. Many of the events were sponsored by the Social Development Unit, which many Singaporeans joked stood for Single, Desperate and Ugly.In November 2009, Channel News Asia reported: “According to a recent survey of 500 individuals, four in 10 singles said they are open to using a dating agency to meet new people.

In the late 2000, singles made up 55.7 percent of all households in Singapore, compared to 50.1 percent 10 years earlier.They also might have some concerns such as prices, the quality, because they feel that obviously dating services in their own website would just say good things about themselves." [Source: Channel News Asia, November 27, 2009] In August 2010, AFP reported: “Singapore is launching yet another campaign to promote dating among its notoriously love-shy singles as the city-state grapples with low birth and marriage rates.The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) issued a tender this month through the government's official procurement website calling for proposals on how to encourage singles to date.Lee Kuan Yew reportedly launched the program in the 1980s because his daughter was having a difficult time finding Mr. Much of the matchmaking effort for university graduates originally revolved around moonlight boat trips.Those without university degrees met through tea dances and dinner parties.In one survey published in 2001, two-thirds of Singaporeans said they had no objection to marrying a non-virgin, but they drew the line at tying the knot with smokers and drinkers.

As part of its effort to increase the local population and create more babies, the Singaporean government is encouraging more singles to get married.Three days of paid leave is promised to newlywed couples.Marriages across ethnic lines occurred, but not often.I remember an old auntie at Katong, who used to organise regular dance sessions at her house to enable boys and girls to meet.They would sit at opposite ends and as the music (Tennessee Waltz) started, she would encourage the boys to invite the girls to dance. [Source: Seah Chiang Nee, The Star, December 13, 2008] As part of an effort to boost Singapore’s population growth rate, the government has sponsored mixers and activities for singles in hopes that they would get married and have babies.Of about 150 couples who went through the course in 2000, 200, virtually all the young women were pregnant, a ministry spokesman told the Straits Times.