Dating dating line teacher

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Dating dating line teacher - d dating com

Today, the company connects roughly 2,200 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with 1.4 million teachers, based on similar educational values and goals.

Yet for all the relationships that are safe and healthy, one in five female high school students and one in 10 male high school students who date have been affected by some form of dating violence, with one out of 10 students experiencing some form of physical violence.

Louis venture capital firm FTL Capital, which helped her find additional investors and raise .6 million in addition to the initial 0,000 in My Ed Match’s coffers.

However, the ultimate challenge remained: convincing her customers—school districts and teachers—that this new model would work.

As the founder, to see this scale and impact is hard to believe.” Teachers can subscribe to My Ed Match at no charge.

For school districts, the cost ranges from 0 to 0,000, depending on the district’s size.

“We hacked our way into it and leaned heavily on the local startup community, but Teach For America played a pivotal role,” Herald says. “But I also credit our success to having access to so many TFA alumni educators.

“The Kauffman Foundation, one of the founding funders responsible for bringing TFA to Kansas City, had a deep network of people to get me started. Some of my toughest critics are my TFA friends, who give me instant feedback and help me make the product better.” Just 10 months after My Ed Match’s 2012 launch, Clark put Herald in touch with St.

“I saw so many schools that were struggling to find the type of teachers they wanted, and at the same time, I had so many teacher friends who were trying to find a school that would be the right fit for them,” she says.

“With teacher turnover being a multibillion-dollar issue, the question became how we can make it more effective and efficient for schools and teachers to find each other.” This led her to found My Ed Match, a job-matching website that uses a sophisticated algorithm that recently merged with Teachers-Teachers, the nation’s largest teacher-recruitment platform.

Since the merger, 375,000 teachers have applied to the combined platform, with the company seeing 250,000 new registrants.

“My favorite part is hearing from teachers when they follow up years later and say that not only do they have a job now, but that they’re still there at their sites,” Herald says.

That’s how it was for me when I was sent to an elementary school in L. While I was lucky that I ended up loving my school site, everyone’s story can’t be the same.” Surprisingly, Herald hatched the idea for My Ed Match after reflecting on her experience with online dating.

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