Dating exclusive international

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Dating exclusive international

If there is interest on both sides, you’re given your match’s phone number so you can set up the date. The guaranteed minimum number of introductions varies per client, but according to the company, clients usually receive around 8 to 13 introductions within the 13-month active search period.

The potential match also receives a phone call describing you.

As winter approaches, it's undoubtedly the cosiest time of year, and we're almost spoilt for choice when it comes to romantic destinations during the festive season, so where to we recommend for the best possible holiday date?

So you’re a tech billionaire with money to burn but no time to trawl through Tinder?

“People are more discerning now – they care about wealth, family background, DNA,” she explains.

I assume when she mentions DNA she’s referring to genetic disorders, but I’m wrong: “They want to know what their kids are going to look like – they want to know what gene pool they’re going to be in. People put invest in it so they can meet someone like them. The birth of mobile phones, social media, tweeting texting and chatting online have changed human nature. And that culture has spread into the dating world – people want what they want.” The agency is designed for cash-rich, time-poor people who don’t have countless free evenings to spend scouring bars, or online dating sites, for a potential partner – they want to cut to the chase.

Time-poor tech moguls tend to plump for the ‘CEO Club’.

For upwards of 0,000 a year, the package upgrades you to an international search, throwing in personal consultations with Jill and Amber Kelleher-Andrews themselves.Still, the legal spat has thrown light onto the dating habits of the super-rich, and an agency which most of us would have to remortgage our houses and sell an organ to afford. It was founded by Jill Kelleher-Andrews after she noticed a gap in the market amongst the rich and wealthy.Today, it’s run by her daughter Amber - a former Baywatch and Melrose Place actress.If you’re travelling away on business, adding a second city will cost you an additional ,000 each time.If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, singletons can up the ante with a National Search for a whopping ,000 per year, which takes the hunt for a potential partner nationwide.Essentially, if Tinder is Clapham High Street; Berkeley International is Cannes.

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