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along the back trail has a phantom horse rider which will come upon you out of nowhere.

Numerous people who work at this station as well as visitors have seen aberrations passing through the entrance to the stairwell on the first floor. People will often say they have the feeling of not being alone when in the dayroom.

People have also claimed to hear the sound of a child crying.

The occurrences are believed to be linked to the story of a ship that caught fire many years ago.

Used to be a farm until it was sold to the state in the 50's or 60's.

Apparently a stable hand died in the barn (now used as the park office).

Personnel within the station openly speak of this haunting but can't say for certain who it may be.

The ghost of a monk who has been known to move books or close books when people get up to do something.

It is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the family that have their pictures in the auditorium.

In the boys bathroom strange smells and voices are heard and at night you can sometimes see ghosts wondering the halls.

There have been accounts of cold spots where the temperature is significantly colder in a localized area. A temporary nurse working the graveyard shift reports - First night there, a well-dressed, friendly woman unlocked the door to cheerily let her in & gave her directions to the unit.

Also have the heavy stage 'blacks' blowing in the wind when there is no wind. Later en route to the candy machine on the ground floor, she passed the smiling, humming woman.

If the records still survive then they are shown under the column ‘Surviving Registers’.

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