Dating in guwahati

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Dating in guwahati - running an online dating site

The interesting thing, however, is that during the month of Ashaad, the goddess in this temple bleeds or menstruates still.During the month, the Brahmaputra river which is near the Kamakhya turns red for three days, and thus, the temple remains closed for 3 days too.

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Research Interests: Virtual Reality based Human Computer Interaction used in affective computing, Eye Tracking and Physiology based modeling techniques, Human Robot Interaction used in cognitive studies.

While performing, Vishnu started cutting parts of Sati’s body to calm Shiva down.

And this is the place where Sati’s womb and vagina fell.

Research Interests: Performance monitoring of closed-loop systems, Sensor placement for state estimation in dynamic systems, Design, modeling and optimization approaches in basic droplet based microfluidic devices.

Research Interests: Solid state sensors for odour, colour and chemical profiling for food and wine industries, Silicon ICs, III-V HEMTs, HBTs and MMICs – process development, device characterization and reliability studies, Three dimensional interconnects, High-temperature superconducting transformer applications Surface electromyography, Night vision systems using infra-red photo detectors Research Interests: Indus Valley Civilization and Archaeology, Typo-technological study, Modelling, Simulation and experimentation of lithic materials and anthropology, Cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

Research Interests: Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems: Models and Architectures, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management, Agent-Based Computing, Natural Language Understanding, Sciences of Complexity.

Research Interests: The Observatorium - Real-time monitoring of multi-level network structures for the study of knowledge generation and opinion dynamics in the Internet, Non-Equilibrium Social Science, Enhanced Technology for Open Intelligent Learning Environments, Futur ICT, Complex Systems Digital Campus Research Interests: Hydrogen production from hydrocarbon reforming, Fuel cell systems design and simulation, Heat & mass transfer, Palladium-based composite membranes for Hydrogen purification in fuel cell system applications.

Research Interests: Systems and control theory, System identification (data-based modeling), Estimation and Kalman filtering, Input reconstruction, Applications of above areas to mechanical and biomechanical problems.

Research Interests: Wave propagation in one and two-dimensional granular media.

Research Interests: Fluvial Sedimentology and stratigraphy for drainage reorganisation, and channel avulsion processes and fluvial fan evolution; Sediment geochemistry for sediment provenance (U-Pb dating detrital zircons), and palaeoclimatic and palaeovegetation reconstruction.

Research Interests: Spectral analysis of source, path and site effects; Regionalization of source and attenuation characteristics of strong ground motion; Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs) for seismic hazard analysis; Host-to-Target Adjustment (HTTA) of GMPEs.

Research Interests: Ethnography of Mozambique, Ethnography of India, Ethnicity and cultural identity, Postcolonialism, Subaltern studies, Space and territoriality, Space and social codification, Development anthropology.

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