Dating korean coins

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Dating korean coins - Saxe chate room cames

Enter the glass doors and go up the stairs, past the Chinese restaurant on the second floor, to the third floor.

Just to the right (East) of Jae il Sa is another building with coin stores.As far as I know, Sujipbank has a better inventory of Korean coins and paper than almost any shop in Seoul.They have lots of raw and graded coins and notes (NGC, PCGS and PMG graded), mint sets in good condition, Korean silver commemoratives, and the best selection of world coins that you will find in Seoul.From inside the arcade, take the escalator back out of Entrance One.At the top of the escalator, take a glance to your left, and you will see the Bank of Korea Museum (the old central bank building).Korean banknotes have seen similar increase in prices.

So while the interest and availability of Korean coins and banknotes has improved since Mike´s article was written, don´t expect to find large selections of non-Korean items.At the top of the stairs on the third floor take a LEFT and go down the hallway to Sujipbank, and RIGHT to go to O-Seong.You will see that the door to Sujipbank is slid shut (because they had the air conditioner on whenever I have visited), but just slide the door open and enter. Kim Jung-sik, and I had purchased many coins from him in the past. This article is a guide to some of the coin and currency shops in Seoul, Korea.It is by no means an exhaustive list of all of the coin shops one can find in Seoul, but it IS an attempt to review some of the major brick-and-mortar vendors of collector coins and banknotes in Seoul.Like most coin stores here in Seoul, the majority of their inventory is Korean.