Dating regina king

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Dating regina king

As early as the reign of Alfonso II "el Casto" King of Asturias (791-842), the construction of a series of fortified villages and castles was started in the mountains above the upper Ebro to guard against Muslim invasions, from which the name "Castilla" (later given to the area) was derived.

In 930, Gonzalo Fernndez, known as "de Lara" from the castle which he built, succeeded his father after nine years in exile.

Following an emotional reunion with Emma, he learned of Robin’s sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Rumple retrieved from Hades’ ashes the remnant of the crystal…

Zelena arrived upon the grisly scene, and Hades attempted to lie about what went down.

But after Regina tackled the god and Zelena picked up the dropped crystal, the Wicked Witch realized that nothing would ever be enough for him, let alone her love, so she plunged the crystal into the onetime Underworld overlord, turning him to dust.

Meanwhile in the Underworld, Hook — with the help of King Arthur, who has been slain by Hades topside (um, why??

) — discovered that the same crystal could defeat Hades, information he promptly relayed to Emma by restoring those critical storybook pages.

Back in the Underworld, after King Arthur realized his destiny was to restore the broken kingdom of the Underworld, Hook decided it was time for him to move on.

When he want to do so, he was met by Zeus, who thanked him and his friends for fixing the mistake that was his wayward brother.

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Ibn al-Athir records that Fruela I King of Asturias (so dated to the 760s) took control of Lugo, Portucale, Salamanca, Zamora, vila, Segovia y Castilla Martnez Dez indicates that this passage represents the earliest mention of Castilla in history, although he concedes that Ibn al-Athir may have updated texts written in the 9th or 10th century by substituting the term which described the area when he compiled his own work (in the mid-13th century).

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