Dating royal worcester egg coddlers

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The firm went through many different periods and name changes.It became the Worcester Royal Porcelain Company, Ltd., in 1862. The company was bought by the Portmeirion Group in 2009.

John Wall, William Davis, and Richard and Josiah Holdship, signed a deed of partnership to produce porcelain.The egg(s) are broken into the buttered coddler, and seasonings are added, if desired.The coddler is then closed with the lid and partially immersed in boiling water for a few minutes.This early incarnation of the company didn’t start from the ground up.Most of its know-how, equipment, materials, and workers initially came from an existing porcelain factory in Bristol, which had been housed in a building called...When the eggs are cooked to the desired firmness, the coddler is lifted from the boiling water, the lid removed, and breakfast is served, in a lovely decorated dish.

Egg coddlers are often painted or glazed with a design.Today collectors call the porcelains made after 1862 "Royal Worcester." In 1976, the firm merged with W. Some early products of the factory are listed under Worcester. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=royal-worcester&lgeo=1&mpre= It nominally measures 3½ inches from the base to the top of the lifting ring, but there can be considerable variation - especially in the earlier coddlers, such as those with Type 1 backstamps.There are many different patterns and designs, which makes them highly suitable as practical gifts for the kitchen, or for addition to the china collection.Egg coddlers are also very desirable as collectibles.An egg coddler is a porcelain or pottery cup with a lid that is used to prepare a dish called, appropriately enough, coddled eggs.