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Years later George stated many times in interviews, Something was NOT written for Pattie.George had many, many lovers..could have been about anyone, but people assume it was about Pattie.

This could be where the idea for the title came from. Its about and Im guessing here a sheepdog who has done something bad and is mopeing around about has been chronicled by Lewisohn and other researchers that Mc Cartney was the only Beatle that contributed to this recording.In fact, for Martha My Dear, Mc Cartney is credited with the following: double-tracked vocal, piano, bass, lead guitar, drums, handclaps, brass and string arrangement.i think this song is sooo sweet!If he was able to forgive and forget Clapton and moved easily from Pattie.George Harrison was known for carrying grudges, but did not begrudge Eric or Pattie. He seemingly still had a grudge The thing with I Need You that people don't realize is, George was also dating Joey Heatherton at the same time.I am a real animal lover, so this song makes me happy! It is directed at Jane Asher, whom Paul believed he was meant for, even though at the time he was dating Linda Eastman. "Martha my dear, though I spend my days in conversation please remember me.

Martha my love, don't forget me." and also, "Take a good look you're bound to see, that you and me, were meant to be."My opinion is that the song flips between paul singing about his muse and his dog (martha). It is adorable to think of Paul sitting at the piano with his dog lying at his feet while he is singing to her.

He produced many Bowie albums, including this one, for which Bowie has said, "He is the only producer I would completely leave a project in the hands of". Freddy called people dear all the time, just watch any video doc on Queen.

But I have grown up with the Beatles and I am so thankful for my parents. Without them, I would be sucked into the suger-coated, auto-tuned world of pop. Incidently, Mary was married to Tony Visconti, who played bass on Bowie's 'The Man Who Sold the World', which in my opinion is one of the heaviest albums EVER, perhaps the firts 'heavy metal' album. Calling someone's name and using the term dear, or 'my dear', is very British.

Strangely this song, and You Like Me too Much are the only songs not listed.

I wonder why two songs George poured out his heart and soul for he would not include in his book.

The sheepdog's owner says no mopeing hold your head up you should actually be proud of what youve done.