Dating rules for men calling

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Dating rules for men calling

In the area of romance, communication plays a vital role in the natural progression of a relationship, but it’s no wonder men are confused about how to approach women in today’s fast-paced world of communication technology.While created to help us do more faster and with smaller equipment, men and women can agree the ever-changing communication products flooding today’s market are frustrating, to say the least. Try chatting her up with witty and engaging texts and take it from there.

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This is assuming you have already approached and struck up a conversation with someone you are interested in.For you movie buffs, think about the scene in Swingers when Jon Favreau’s character meets a girl in a bar and upon returning home, proceeds to call her repeatedly until she finally answers.When she does answer, she demands that he never calls her again.Lately, it seems that cell phones have squashed many social graces and created a new way for people to communicate.When it comes to meeting and dating members of the opposite sex, however, some elements of tradition should be maintained.Well lucky for you I’m here and I have put together a list of instructions on proper Cell Phone Dating Usage. First learn when to call and proper cell phone dating usage then you can move on to other areas.

***************** Today, it is harder to find someone without a cell phone than it is to hunt for sharks on land.This also serves another purpose: if you have misread her signs and she has given you a fake number, you will know immediately.Don’t: Call her the night you meet her This is assuming you have met the woman in a bar or somewhere else that you did not leave until late at night.Guys, when you get down to it, all you need to know about women is we like to talk.We love to gab, gossip, giggle and have fun with words.People have barely figured out all the bells and whistles on their most recently purchased cell phone before some genius has come up with a better and more expensive phone. Fellas, because I know your heart is in the right place when it comes to dating us women, the complicated and confounding bunch we are, I am going to impart some wisdom upon you when it comes to communicating with someone you’re interested in. ” If she texts back and says, “OMG, I have been swamped. On the flip side, if she doesn’t text you back, lose her number immediately.