Dating russian women in australia

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Dating russian women in australia - four year dating anniversary

But he was lonely, his life felt incomplete, and none of the Australian women he dated was prepared to commit herself to a more permanent relationship."I'm an accountant, 53-years-old, five feet ten inches, 96 kilos, good health, Australian born," he typed.

She paused "I hadn't had time to think" but she said yes. "Since marrying Lena, we've gotten to know four or five other Australian/Russian couples guys pretty much my age, who've been married before and have found it very hard to get any Australian woman to marry us," says Bosward. In the past decade, according to Adams, as many as 10,000 American men have married Russian women.Perhaps even more significant is the manner in which Russian brides are marketed.Internet sites that promote Russian brides tend to imply or state outright that there is a problem with Western women that makes them unsuitable for marriage."There's a coldness about that but there's an efficiency at the same time.If the two intellects fit, you're most of the way there. I prefer to live with a husband and children." Polyanskaya flew home, quit her job, and enrolled in a full-time course in English, along with her 16-year-old daughter Genya and her son Vasily, 12. They like to have a man, but, at a distance, a sort of three-quarters-time guy." Australian men aren't the only ones finding it difficult to convince women to settle down, says John Adams, co-founder of A Foreign Affair, the world's largest website devoted to Russian brides."I live in Perth near the beach, have a degree in commerce, a son and a daughter. Keep writing." Two days later, on Valentine's Day 2002, Bosward sent Polyanskaya a bunch of red roses and offered to buy her a flight to Australia.

I've been divorced 10 years and I want to start again. He had read plenty of stories warning about internet scammers, so he knew that acting so hastily wasn't smart.

Elena Polyanskaya walks through the arrivals gate wearing dark jeans and a pale blue top, her fine, blonde hair cut boyishly short. As they drive they talk about the emails they have been sending each other and the awkwardness slowly ebbs.

She is exhausted after a 54-hour journey from her Russian hometown of Nizhny Novgorod, but the moment Richard Bosward sees her, he decides she is beautiful. It is just six weeks since Bosward first tapped "Russian brides" into his computer and paid 0 to Elena's Models, an internet site that listed Polyanskaya's email address.

There cannot be equality, and for some men this is actually terribly exciting." Vladimir Korovine, owner of the Melbourne-based au website, admits some of his clients might end up trapped in unhappy or abusive marriages.

But that is a private matter, he says, and not something he can, or believes he should, control.

In the 12 months to the end of June last year, 191 Russian women were granted prospective spouse visas in Australia.