Dating shiny brite

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Dating shiny brite - explain carbon dating kids

But as the war drew closer, Eckardt realized his ability to import ornaments from Germany would end. If you don’t know what you’re looking for in the vintage aspect, just be aware that today many of these designs are in reproduction by Christopher Radko.It was this foresight that led to the decision to start making glass ornaments in the United States. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just a reproduction thing.

These imported glass ornaments, so colorful and fun, were extremely popular. And if you’re after vintage Shiny Brites, don’t be fooled.So what do you look for in a vintage Shiny Brite ornament?These were made during World War II when not only were the caps constructed of cardboard, but glass ornaments that were normally coated with silver nitrate were left clear, and then hand painted in bright colours and pastels.As events in the Nineteen Thirties began to demonstrate, however, perhaps another war would not be far off. Woolworth, the largest seller of Christmas ornaments in the country, got together to see if they could persuade the Corning Company of Corning, New York to determine a way to make American glass ornaments.Businessmen involved in the German ornament trade had long had sales and import offices in New York, but one in particular, Max Eckhardt, could see that his business – and the supply of Christmas ornaments so important to American households just coming out of the Great Depression – was going to be greatly affected by possible hostilities. Corning had a type of machine that ordinarily made thousands of light bulbs out of a ribbon of glass.In addition to simple spheres, several ornament shapes were industrial-inspired Deco Modern.

By not using old European ornaments for inspiration, the new ornaments completely symbolized Americanism, Patriotism and the American Ideal.

And that’s because silver nitrate and metal were needed for the war.

So how else can you identify a vintage Shiny Brite? Early styles were ball-shaped and featured a striped design in pastel shades.

This time of year brings back many memories for people from different times and moments in their life.

And for me one of those memories would be of the ornaments on our Christmas tree.

And you’ll find ornaments decorated with the glittering effect of crushed mica (minerals), also post World War II creations.

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