Dating someone out of your comfort zone

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I was focusing so much energy on making ends meet that I welcomed his easy affection and company.

To my former self, he didn’t register, precisely because I was attracted to men with more bravado and zing.

As a culture, we’re conditioned to want things quickly—.

In the case with DJ, it’s a good thing my defenses were down around dating.

on my compatibility meter had it not been for 9/11 and an unscrupulous friend.

We closed the bar that night, slumped over our cocktails in disbelief.

“DJ keeps bothering me, so I gave him your number.” “What are you talking about?

” “He said he likes you and kept asking me if I thought he had a chance,” Billie said.

Had I been at all self-aware that night, I would have been embarrassed, or at least halfway ashamed. say dating couldn’t have been farther from my mind when we met.

My friend Matt tells me that when he was single, ‘pitiful girls’—those chronically sad sacked and brooding damsels—were ‘ripe for picking’ for good guys like him who wanted nothing more than to appear good by swooping in to save them from themselves. I don’t like it when well-intentioned friends tell me things like, ‘Don’t think about it,’ ‘He will appear when you least expect it.’ The twin-flame, sit-back-and-relax-for-love approach? I like to think I’m proactive and that if I want a good love relationships, I’ll need to do a bit more than burn candles while I wait.

Depending which side of the dating scale you’re on, the thing to keep in mind here is that it’s all about balance.

Focus on what speaks not to your ego and agendas, but your deeper, most loving self.

Billie lived three buildings down from the bar, and she and DJ had needed a break from a project they’d been working on earlier that day. I patted the stool beside me, oblivious to the lanky friend behind her.