Dating tintype photographs

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Dating tintype photographs

Since the blue silk field is new it is in excellent condition. This group consists of four famed items relating to the 91st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. CDV lithograph shows Pope in the uniform of a Brigadier General posed with one hand thrust in his coat a-la-Napoleon. Bottom front of mount has faint incorrect period pencil… Silver 18th Corps badge identified to Private Joseph Laclair of Company H, 98th New York Infantry, recovered in the greater Richmond area. Under each photo are a few strands of hair from each individual. Offered is a burgundy matted 11" x 14", double matted display with copies of photos of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln.

This New York Depot canteen is in nice used condition. The original tintype included two soldiers and this CDV copy was made to focus on just one of the two. He is wearing a dark winter coat with a black velvet or fur collar. Below image type reads, “Likeness from a recent photograph from life. Display measures 11" X 14" with burgundy suede matting with gold Florentine trim. His legs are crossed and one arm rests on the table. Period ink inscription on the back reads "Captain Thos. This framed piece is a rather eclectic mix of items related to Gettysburg in general and 2nd Lt. Oval breast portrait of young soldier clad in kepi, checked shirt, and sack coat [one… Image shows Fuller wearing a dark frock coat and a small bowtie.

When a massive storm strikes off the coast of Cape Cod, it rips a T-2 oil tanker in half, trapping more than 30 sailors on its rapidly sinking stern. Ship captains and merchants petitioned the colonial government for a lighthouse to be erected on Little Brewster Island as a way of safe passage to the inner harbor. But Cape Cod has always been plagued with a shifting coastline that consistently defies mariners efforts to pass through Massachusetts waters. Chapter Two details the construction of the more famous Yaquina Head Lighthouse. With the growth of coastal and deepwater fleets, many trips ended in disaster.

Based on the extraordinary true story of the greatest smallboat rescue in Coast Guard history, THE FINEST HOURS is a tale of courage, loyalty and honor in the face of overwhelming odds. The ledges had become a graveyard for ships, resulting in great loss to human life and cargoa deterrent to European colonization efforts. From Provincetown to Chatham, Sandwich to Cuttyhunk, and many towns in between, residents have relied on the Atlantic for employment and nourishment. In Colonial Days Massachusetts turned to the sea for her livelihood. Chart a course through the service's history, from its humble beginning in the refuge huts built after the American Revolution until its absorption into the U.

Photo is a waist- up view of Captain Barksdale in uniform. Ormsby Mac Knight Mitchel was born July 20, 1805 in Kentucky. CDV is a three-quarter standing view of General Stoneman wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder straps and trousers with sash and belt. Vignette view of Rosecrans in left profile in the uniform of a brigadier general. Nice bright CDV image shows the President in left profile. Full standing view of Mc Clellan in uniform posed al la Napoleon with one hand thrust in his coat and the other behind his back. Simon Backus Bissell was born in Fairlee, Vt., on October 28, 1808. He wears a white shirt with a western style narrow tie. Reverse of the image has a pencil inscription that identifies the soldier as Private Isaac Letts of Company A, 50th New York Engineers. This black leather canteen was the design of Lazare Cantel who was given a patent for it on October 14, 1862. He stayed in the Army for several years, serving in the Seminole War in Florida and then… Barbour, formerly of Company F, 10th Rhode Island Infantry.

The strikingly handsome Captain is wearing a double breasted coat. Very nice Civil War period lithograph of General Mitchel. Image is very clean and crisp with excellent contrast. He is seated in a chair by a table wearing his trade mark dark civilian suit. The General is posed in front of a painted backdrop of a large walled in… Fellows wearing a dark commercial sack coat with a matching military vest and light trousers. He was appointed Midshipman on November 6, 1824, Passed Midshipman on June 4 1831, and Lieutenant December 9, 1837. The body consists of two pieces of heavy molded leather held together with copper rivets… Image is a vignette bust view of Barbour in a dark suit wearing his GAR membership badge on… Green of Portland, Me enlisted in the 17th Maine as a Sgt.

The buttons and collar rank insignia have been highlighted in gold by the… Vignette bust view in left profile of Hooker wearing a dark double-breasted frock coat with brigadier general’s shoulder straps. This photograph of Abraham Lincoln was produced by King V. The coat has a horizontal breast pocket and two buttons at the cuffs. Image shows Sergeant Charles Lassen seated by a table covered with an embroidered cloth. Reverse has a period ink inscription that reads “FRED MORSE / CO. Half length seated view in civilian clothes of Capt William L Mallory. The items in this group belonged to John Doudican, also known as John Dow, who served as a Private in Company K, 14th New Jersey Infantry.

Image is a nice clear bust view of Banks wearing a dark double-breasted frock coat with black velvet collar and brush epaulettes. Hostick from an original negative recorded by Alexander Hesler in 1860. Early, original copy of the photo of General Robert E. Offered is a CDV of General Couch sitting in a chair. The CDV is framed and matted in an 8 inch by 7-inch metal frame. Beautiful black and gold framed brooch has woven hair under the glass. Lassen wears a dark frock coat with Sergeant chevrons buttoned at the throat. This carte de visite is a bust view of a Union officer wearing a single-breasted frock coat with shoulder boards. The first item is an eagle masthead discharge filled out to… He is wearing an officers frock coat and the shoulder boards are visible.

The regiment was federalized three times during the war. Drum sticks are accompanied by a CDV of Mills, original newspaper article from the Newbern Progess dated June 14, 1862 regarding the presentation, and a lot of documents including GAR certificates for…

This large group of images of members of the famous 7th New York National Guard. A magnificent and unique Marine Mamaluke of regulation pattern but with the ability to add…

Thoms by Lee in 1869 as well as a small piece of the leather from Lee's chair in his chapel office at Washington College when the… The CDV photograph features a young soldier standing next to a table.

This 11" X 14" display has a strand of Lee's hair given to Louise R.

The General wears a dark double-breasted frock coat with brigadier general’s shoulder straps. He wears a commercial sack coat with a black felt collar and brigadier generals shoulder straps. He is posed with one hand thrust into his dark double-breasted frock coat. CDV is a waist-up view of Charles Sherwood Stratton (January 4, 1838 – July 15, 1883), better known by his stage name "General Tom Thumb", a dwarf who achieved great fame as a performer under circus… Handkerchief was carried throughout the Civil War by Robert Burrill. Image shows Halleck standing in a typical Napoleonic pose. This pocket Colt has a serial number of 132954 that matches throughout including the wedge pin. The octagonal barrel is 4.00 inches long and with light scattered wear… This framed piece consists of a pre-printed check drawn on an account at the Bank of the Metropolis, 17 Union Square, New York City.