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After that first meeting, the Pixar contingent went home with low expectations and was surprised when Katzenberg called for another conference.Catmull, Smith, and Guggenheim were joined by Bill Reeves (head of animation research and development), Jobs, and Lasseter.

Green army men, led by Sarge, spy on the party, and report the results to the others via baby monitors.Woody ignites the rocket on Buzz's back and manages to throw RC into the truck before they soar into the air.Buzz opens his wings to free himself from the rocket before it explodes, gliding with Woody to land safely into a box in the car, right next to Andy.As Andy prepares for a family outing at Pizza Planet, his mother allows him to bring one toy.Fearing Andy will choose Buzz, Woody attempts to trap Buzz behind a desk, but ends up accidentally knocking him out a window, and the other toys rebel against Woody by accusing him of knocking Buzz out of jealousy.He invited the six visitors to mingle with the animators—"ask them anything at all"—and the men did so, finding they all backed up Katzenberg's statements.

Lasseter felt he would be able to work with Disney and the two companies began negotiations.

The duo tries to make it to the moving truck, but Sid's dog, Scud, sees them, and gives chase.

Buzz gets left behind while saving Woody from Scud, and Woody tries rescuing him with Andy's RC car, but the other toys, thinking Woody eliminated RC as well, attack and toss him off the truck.

Before they can exact revenge, Andy takes Woody instead and leaves for Pizza Planet.

When the family stops for gas, Woody finds that Buzz has hitched a ride on the car as well, and fight, only to find the family has left without them.

Catmull and Smith considered it would be difficult to keep Katzenberg interested in working with the company over time.

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