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For one day, everything in the hermit kingdom is closed and a surreal fist-pumping military parade takes place across the capital city of Pyongyang.

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“I worked in the head office but we would go around factories, schools, universities and more teaching people Juche, the state ideology of North Korea,” he explains.

Some people have pornography but if the government found them they would go directly to a camp.” Homosexuality is another taboo in North Korean society, so much so that Kang says there was no concept of it, let alone a word for it.

“A man followed me and tried to touch me but at that time I didn’t know what gay was.

“Parents are often at work all day so couples will go to their house.

When I was young a saw a couple having sex in the park”.

Drinking with friends was overshadowed by the fear of talking about the regime, going to the cinema was blighted by not being able to kiss in public and having to watch one film six times because nothing else was showing.

Video games were confined to an interminable cycle of Mario Kart played on 80s consoles.

While there were arcade type places where he would play video games, he says it would quickly get boring because the consoles were so outdated.

When it came to birthdays, Kang would celebrate with all the usual fare - apart from cake.

I would go a lot in summertime, about twice a week, because it’s very hot so you want cold beer”.

Despite coming from a middle-class family, for the most part, he says other activities were out of reach due to costliness.

However, on this particular day, even these past-times were off limits.

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