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He may think you have more money than you do and be looking for a replacement for his ex to bleed dry.

And if it was the woman who was getting support, no one would question it.

After I talked with some friends, I went to the courthouse and reviewed Mike's public divorce file.

I just want to know if his ex will be knocking on the door for support and money and taking away from the life Mike and I will have. While I won't go into details, what I read in the file was not the Mike I know and, his wife gave him the house, the country club membership and she pays him child support. She has a successful business, is well educated and she's younger than me.

He's telling you stories [lying] to you] of how he acquired his wealth.

If he's lying to you about something like this, then there are more lies to come.

But on the other, maybe I'm old fashioned and I don't want to waste my time with a many who isn't a traditional earner. I like Mike It sounds like neither of you has been completely honest with the other - you have both misrepresented yourselves, so I can't see this relationship going anywhere good from here.

If he is lying about how he made his money at this early stage then to me that is a red flag.I know how hard it is to be single and wanting companionship, [as I've been there], but, please, do not be foolish and get more attached to this guy [fall in love with him] and get hurt or slammed in the end.Wishing you the best, judith Rather than worry about the ''real'' man you're dating or ending it why not start a conversation about money, hard as that is. Unless you can speak honestly about such difficult subjects as money and values and expectations within the relationship you don't have much to base a real relationship upon.Will he stomp off, look at you as if your 'snooping' on him - or will he open up and tell you honestly tell you about his life ??You also have to tell him that you don't own the business..will be a big 'test' of where he's coming from. He's lied to you now, and what comes out of his mouth from now on- can you trust and believe what he says to you ? Phil] : '' The best predictor of future behavior- is past behavior''.You call this thinking ''traditional'' as it applies to you and he might call it ''modern'' as it applies to him.

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