Dead end dating book series

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"Ode to Evdard Munch" - Caitlin Kiernan - A man shares his blood with a mysterious vamp for a piece of her dreams."Fangs for Hire" - Jenna Black - When a vampire hit woman finds her oh so sexy prey is not what he seems, she just might have to consider rewritting her `contract'.

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THANKS FOR CAPTURING THE MINDSET OF A TEENAGE BOY SO ACCURATELY THAT I MIGHT EXPLODE FROM THE ACCURACY OF IT ALL. Maybe it’s in the hope that if enough people pick up the series, Rachel Maude will write more books, Poppy or no Poppy.

Editor: Trisha Telep Contributors: Sherri Erwin (PNR, Hist), Caitlin R.

Kiernan (Horror-UF), Jenna Black (UF), Jenna Maclaine (UF), Raven Hart (PNR), Delilah Devlin (PNR), Keri Arthur (UF), Kimberly Raye (Chick-Lit, PNR), Alexis Morgan (PNR), Lilith Saintcrow (UF), C. Adams & Cathy Clamp (UF), Susan Sizemore (PNR), Dina Jamese (Paranormal-YA, Shorts), Colleen Gleason (PNR, Steampunk, YA), Barbara Emrys (PNR, Non-Fict), Savannah Russe (PNR), Shiloh Walker (PNR), Vicki Pettersson (UF), Rebecca York (PNR), Rachel Vincent (UF), Amanda Ashley (PNR), Karen Chance (UF), Nancy Holder (PNR, UF, YA).

"The Midday Mangler Meets his Match" - Rachel Vincent - An ordinary everyday vampire teen and her younger sister discover a use for their vestigal fangs when they have a run in with a killer.

"The Music of the Night" - Amanda Ashley - A phantom of the opera obssesed woman gets a chance to star in her favorite fantasy when she meets her own phantom.

"Love Bites" - Kimberly Raye — Dead End Dating world - a hereditary vampire slayer flunks her final test when instead of finishing off the vampire she's staked she takes him her home to heal.

"What's at Stake" - Alexis Morgan - A legal enforcer must either prove the innocence of the vampire she's secretly loved or she must put him to death."Overbite" - Savannah Russe - A vampire patient gives a dentist a chance to expand his practice to the undead and to pursue his secret fantasies."Hunter's Choice" - Shiloh Walker — The Hunters series spin-off short (the leading man is a vampire and a 'hunter'.) - A grieving/vengeful woman turned vamp-slayer must reexamine her beliefs about vamps to keep the star of her passionate dreams when they meet again.Also, I assume the authors and ghostwriters got some kind of heads-up when the imprint was about to fold, because the third (and final) book of : a group of preteen girls innocently dub themselves the Nicarettes), and the dialogue was hilarious. I mean, the series was about fashion, and one of the characters (Janie) was the assigned artist of the fashion label.The whole series was gloriously self-aware, and essentially a parody of life in LA and maybe even the teen books on that subject. Thus: lots of wonderfully-hand-drawn pictures of the clothes described in the books. This is because Rachel Maude has the kind of supreme talent that makes people like me cry with envy. I’ve already mentioned the unresolved plot threads, but…really, it’s worth the double mention because I simply cannot entirely process the fact that I might never learn how the story turns out."The Righteous" - Jenna Maclaine - A sorceress and a King put events in play to establish a group of vampires to police their own, which is the catalyst to bring a vampire and a woman who stakes them together in Paris.

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