Dianna agron dating history

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She had hitherto resisted doing so, for fear of being exploited in an industry that she says is still “hugely” sexist.

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star Dianna Agron and British actor Nicholas Hoult sparked rumors about the nature of their relationship after they were seen spending time together in London.

They two have been spotted at The Black Lion in Hammersmith and The Gallery in West Hampstead, where according to The Sun they were seen being very affectionate with each other.

“Then doing ten collections a year, the amount of pressure he was under, and the lack of sleep, you see how it’s not easy.” Having talked to his friends, does she have any insight as to why he committed suicide?

“A few have said that they wouldn’t have guessed that that’s what he would have done.

"They seemed like they had a nice time, but we didn't see them kissing.

But then, we were working, so we weren't really looking." "It wasn't like they were a couple," added the source.Her character is Dahlia, a fan who hides up a tree outside the fashion designer’s Mayfair home for 11 nights, before breaking in to steal a dress.The designer catches her, and a curious relationship ensues.Agron has researched him meticulously and talks of his “struggle” to establish a footing within the fashion industry. A dancer throughout her childhood, Agron has been acting for ten years, “and you have to embrace the highs and the lows – and the moments where people aren’t hiring you.When [Mc Queen] went to Givenchy the critique of his first show was that the tailoring was sh*t…“For Lee," she continues, deploying the name used by those close to Mc Queen, "losing his mother was probably the nail in the coffin,” Agron continues in a perhaps unfortunate turn-of-phrase.“Her funeral was [scheduled for] the day after he killed himself. “My dad has been battling multiple sclerosis for a while, and it’s hard to see the deterioration of your parents.” The friend she lost to drugs was Corey Monteith, her Glee co-star.

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