Divorcee dating seattle

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Divorcee dating seattle

When deciding how to create a just and equitable division, the court may consider the following: The court is most concerned about the economic circumstances both parties will be left with when the marriage officially ends. In some circumstances, Washington divorce courts can award separate property of one spouse to the other spouse, as part of their just and equitable division of property.Separate property may include vehicles, houses, real property, or bank or retirement accounts that are currently held as separate property of only one spouse.

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Whether your divide your assets through negotiation, or have a court decide the division in court, the process will likely be very similar: The division of property and debts can have lasting implications on your life beyond divorce.

It is best to avoid letting emotions get the best of you during this process.

Your attorney can help you advocate for your retention of the property you hold most dearly, and for your fair portion of the property of financial value.

If you have substantial assets it is essential that you hire a qualified Washington divorce attorney with experience and relationships with appraisers and valuation experts.

Washington law requires that the court's division of your property be "just and equitable" (RCW ). Instead, it usually means fair under the circumstances.

If you brought separate property into the marriage, or if you acquired separate property during the marriage that meets one of the community property exceptions, it is likely worth your while to investigate how you can prove that property's separate character.

Your divorce attorney can help you determine whether you do have separate property, and how you can prove it to a court or other decision-maker should it become necessary.

You should obtain advice from a Washington divorce attorney regarding a fair property division in your case.

Divisions of assets may substantially change your lifestyle, job expectations, and retirement plans.

It is important that you be aware of Washington laws regarding property and debts during divorce.

It can be very difficult (or impossible) and expensive to modify a property division after the divorce, so it is very important that the process be done right the first time.

That said, there are circumstances under which separate property can become community property.