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In short: The Media had already given every possible advantage to her. In the early 1980's, Activists pushed to create "Women's History Month".More importantly, this theme would be fused into our academic curriculum.

So, in order to gain credibility, it needn't become Text-Book material. At the time, Mainstream-Media was constantly stereotyping men.

And, their latest creation was little more than an ongoing routine.

that's the basic truth behind the Grand issue of "sexual harassment"......nothing more, nothing less.

A few Journalists approached a Male Student at the univsersity and began asking for his thoughts on "Sexual Harassment". The issue of "Sexual Harassment' nothing more than a farce on the grander scheme.

The student then gave a heroic and surprising response: he simply asked, "WHY IS THE PRESS ALWAYS SAYING THAT MEN ARE NO GOOD? Mainstream media had always insulted men for the past few decades.

Please understand: There's a vast difference between recognizing Women's History Month, and, having it forcibly taught in School. Although it's completely unnecessary to formulate any type of special recognition for women,it's been done countless times.

And, "Women's History Month" was just one of several campaigns.One year before they'd ever muttered those words, Media Bias was certainly present in our lives.They told stories about Wives who should be allowed to kill their husbands.Basically, the media had already been mistreating the entire male population, for no reason in particular. Now, let's be reminded that such activity was already commonplace. In any case, This was the closest America had ever come to becoming a Totalitarian State.So, they were obviously gonna continue launching attacks against men. If the issue of "harassment" had never taken root, there would've still been plenty of similar campaigns launched in its place. But, they realized: this particular issue could become the best way to destroy relations between the genders. Every man, woman, and child was faced with non-stop coverage of this singular topic.It stands to prove how quickly Mainstream Media can force themselves upon us.

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    What they are too polite to come out and say directly is that we live in a most impolite time.