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The cream is not your cheap drugstore ointment and our customers swear by it (read the reviews).

I sure hope the makers of Egyptian Magic cream keep their formula a tight-kept secret - this cream deserves to be known as the one and only original!Peace and blessings to you friend, - Cleopatra My all-time favorite facial cream!!For five years, I purchased Egyptian Cream at Costco for a much higher price. It will become my go to for smooth, even toned looking skin.The fact that Egyptian Magic was able to produce a cream that is SO effective and works so well with only six total ingredients truly is "magical"!Of course the real magic is in the formula, in other words how much of each ingredient is used, how it's blended and so on.Sorry but I won't be using this, but I do love a lot of the products I have ordered from you in the past and will continue to try others. I have had this product for about a week and love it.

I know a week is not a long period of time, yet I notice a different and love the way my skin feels.

I use it as a night cream for my face, neck, hands.

My skin is not "winter dry", awesome on cuticles, and wrinkles what can I say except it is amazing.

"Upon hearing that our party was seen as appropriating Egyptian culture, the event was immediately cancelled."We completely accept all responsibility for this ordeal.

We will begin an education effort to teach ourselves how our actions have an effect on people from a wide variety of backgrounds. U-M student and Egyptian Student Association president Yasmeen Afifi called attention to the problem of the party."As an Egyptian, and one that has respect for various cultures and civilizations, this party is extremely offensive and disrespectful.

I will definitely buy again for myself, and family and friends.

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    The couple starred in the spin-off My Fair Brady from 2005 to 2008, but ultimately divorced in 2012.

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    "I think they didn't make the effort to equip themselves [to write for a black character], either by hiring a black writer or asking me things," - said Williams later.

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