Error validating image files

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Note that when using the object format in your HTML template you need to escape all backslashes.Example: You can easily add custom rules to the validators, but your custom validation rules must adhere to a contract, or certain structure: Function Form: This is the most basic custom validator form, it consists of only a function that returns either a Boolean or a promise. Additionally you may want to provide a reason for failing the validation that may change the error message.

So my questions are: why does the validator not accept a image?

This will result in a byte-for-byte validation failure if any of that data has changed.

In this case, run the backup without byte-for-byte validation or try using PHYLock instead of VSS and see if the problem persists.

If the SSD (ATA) does not support Deterministic TRIM (e.g.

DRAT, RZAT) then any data in allocated file system clusters that have been trimmed and only allocated (not used or written to) can change (with no real change) and cause the byte-for-byte validation to fail.

Like the custom messages, the validators share a dictionary containing the attribute names, for example if you want to use "Email Address" instead of "email" in your error messages, this can be easily acheived by including an If the attribute is not found for the current locale, it will fallback to the binding expression or the field name.

If you use the data-vv-as attribute it will take precedence over the internal dictionary.

The information below will attempt to help you find the cause of the corruption.

Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS) may not cache everything that Image for Windows backs up.

You should not use the pipe '|' or commas ',' within your regular expression when using the string rules format as it will cause a conflict with how validators parsing work.

You should use the object format of the rules instead.

For example you may be using an external API and the error message is generated there.